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We’re all metaphorically clinging to a chain-link fence waiting to be vaporized like Linda Hamilton in T2. (Which is what we deserve for spending too much time at playgrounds as adults.) But until that #blessed day arrives, we have the wild world of motion pictures to distract us from spiritual/emotional/physical Armageddon. Hence, this unholy alliance of three degenerates with an affection for distortion pedals, graphic violence and cheap whiskey. Think of us as David Cronenberg’s Voltron, but even grosser.

We produce short- and long-form work that challenges, corrupts and confounds. We'll beat ourselves up if we ever forget to be “contentious and unpretentious.” We are 10 Seconds to Comply. Somebody want to call a goddamn paramedic?!

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Ken Whiting
Ken's two decades of experience with creative problem-solving on set sparked a desire to kill it behind the monitor. Whether pushing boundaries in his lighting or manipulating the camera to tell a story in every frame, he aspires to direct striking films. From Brian Doyle-Murray and Brian Dennehy to Brian Posehn, he has worked with all his favorite Brians. He is waiting for Andrew to write him into the lead of a disc golf romcom and has actually paid money to see a Lions preseason game. Ken scares us.

Manny OA
Even though he hates directing, Manny has adapted four pretty goddamn righteous music videos from Andrew's scripts: Chrome Waves' "Gazing Into Oblivion," Lotus Thrones' "Gore Orphanage," Junius' "Transcend the Ghost" and Pale Shade's "Labyrinth" (debuting in autumn 2023). He still hasn't fully recovered from seeing Spacehog perform live after a Phillies game, which Andrew still doubts actually happened. Then again, why would you make that up? Manny scares us.


Andrew Bonazelli
Andrew is a Capricorn, which people can find annoying, although it's useful during pre-pro. He's written everything here except Odontophilia (a Ken original). The bands we've made videos for are some of his favorites, and he's very disappointed that Seagal hasn't been in touch about his next solo didgeridoo album or whatever. He's contributed to a bunch of really good magazines and blogs and written a bunch of mediocre short novels, but working with these guys on film has easily been the highlight of his creative life. There's nothing scary about Andrew at all.

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